Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Barclays in US facing 2 more scandal probes

How both Labour and Tories want to undermine the work of Unions

I wonder how much we 'shelled out' to support the banks that almost bankrupted our country. I wonder how    much we 'shelled out' to have senior staff in national institutions to be paid a fortune? I wonder how much we 'shelled out' so that the government could make cuts?

If we want to lose more power to our employers and to the government, then support the need to undermine Unions.

5 million British suffering from depression

PM adviser quits and joins

Now begin to wait to see how loan companies influence No. 10 policies. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Rural France against gay marriage

...but it will go ahead anyway.

Labour ahead of the polls

I presume the government think the public is has had to make the difficult decision and has been the fairest government ever.

Credit card use increasing

Benefit cuts may be illegal

...but the Government says it's fair.

After 6 months Apple Head of Retail leaves

Bank of England says Occupy protestors were right

UK proverty likely to increase with introduction of Universal Credits

...but the Government says it is fair

Royal Mail to create 1000 jobs

4G has started

Government dismisses petition to restore minimum sizes of school playing fields

How money and protectionism and power are more powerful than free competition

Many hospitals at risk of financial collapse

MPs expenses watchdog paid via limited company

More on Euthanasia and Liverpool Care Pathway

BBC trust falls to below 50%

Monday, 29 October 2012

IBM may have invented next generation of computer chip

Hospital to send out 'what it would have cost' bills to patients who miss appointments

Publishing market changing with massive merger

The EU president is not democratically elected

Social abuse is now becoming more normal

How companies can beguile us

Even mild abuse is still acceptable in our society

5000 patients sectioned without authorised doctors

...but government says each and every single patient should have been sectioned anyway!!!

House sales jump as sellers lower prices

Big Brother keeps snooping

More arrests to follow over sexual molestation

Teenager girls given birth control jabs at school without parent knowledge

UN aims to eliminate child labour by 2020

Ed Miliband calling an end to ridiculing those with mental health

Protectionism and free competition hand in hand

5 million earning below the living wage

Gaming giant outsources much of its work, laying off staff

More on the Liverpool Care Path

France may force search engines to pay for content

Informal sperm donor to lesbian couple is chased by CSA for money

Mark Langridge didn’t want children, but his lesbian friends did – so he agreed to donate his sperm.
Now his ‘act of kindness’ has come back to haunt him 13 years later, after he received a letter demanding child support payments.
Mr Langridge has not spoken to the family he helped create since 2004.
He was not named on the birth certificates of the two children, and played no role in their upbringing – but the Child Support Agency insists he has to pay £26 a week to support them.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Michael Gove gives go ahead to recruit fast tracking social workers benefit child protection.

How the British detest the ruling elite

Bullying at school a major issue

Government may introduce higher road tax to use major roads

Remember this is the fairest government we've ever had!

Gary Glitter arrested

Big Brother continues

The cost of raising children

Social networking crime

NHS A&E cuts

Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Guardian's take on the 1980s

Centre for Social Justice reports gang culture getting worse

Rising cost of child care now a real barrier

One of the parents is considering staying at home as their potential net income is less than the cost of child care. 

Immigration on the rise

Councils turn off street lights to save emissions

Remember, we have the fairest government ever!

Bread and other food stuff prices on the rise

Every little helps!

New test for Downs Syndrome

House prices highest since 2010

Child benefit cut letters to go out soon

Energy companies believe they can enter your house by force to read your meter.

What life in Britain might be like in 2050

School parents required to pay for lolly pop lady

Friday, 26 October 2012

Bowen travel company in administration, losing 400 jobs

EDF to increase prices by nearly 11%

Remember we have the fairest govt ever.  No doubt we have the fairest companies ever.

It is only those out of work, having more than 2 children, that are not the fairest people on earth.

Teaching standards to be increased

I really do not understand this.  If GCSE and A level results have improved over the years, then I would have thought that teaching standards would also have increased. 


UK rebate is at risk in EU

Remember we have the fairest government ever!

Britain's economy is the best in Europe until 2015

Backdoor legalised euthanasia continues

Thursday, 25 October 2012

One in four criminals reoffends

Debenhams to create 1700 jobs

Big brother is alive and growing

The tax man will be allowed to know about your love life living arrangements if you have children, in order to ascertain if child benefit is to be stopped if either of you earn over £50k.

Remember this is the fairest government ever

Work tsar to quit

Tuition fees system may back fire

Ministers are today accused of leaving a £1billion black hole in their costings for introducing a controversial new system of higher university tuition fees and student loans.
Students could face unforeseen interest rate hikes once they start repaying their loans because the Government seriously underestimated the cost of the policy, a damning new report has claimed.
Ministers have claimed that allowing universities to charge students up to £9,000-a-year in tuition fees will generate annual savings of £1.3billion.
But today’s report, by the Higher Education Policy Institute, argues the savings will be wiped out by the huge costs of implementing the policy.
The Government has been too ‘optimistic’ about how much graduates will earn in future and the amounts they will be able to repay.
It has also failed to appreciate the extent to which higher tuition fees will push up inflation and create a higher bill for pensions and other benefits which rise in line with inflation.

Remember, this is the fairest government we have ever had....

The troubles faced by foster carers

The end of Mr & Mrs

Brighton Council plans to remove Mr & Mrs titles from documentation to not affect their transgender community.

Cameron promises to use his veto to curb EU budget rise

Ford to axe 1500 jobs in UK; no longer to make the Transit

Families with more than 2 children will lose benefits

For a fairer society. After some 50 years of having an unfair one.

Economy grew by 1% from July to September

A quarter of children born in the UK have immigrant mothers

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

EU budget to increase by 6.8%

Do as I say not as I do!

How certain British Citizens are no longer free to walk to their own homes

There are some residents of Whitstable that will have to have a car permit for £122 per year and a pedestrian permit for £16 a year so that can gain access to their own home.

We are increasingly becoming a society where people are now being slowly dehumanised.  And it is totally legal.  People are in effect becoming "entitities to which we can apply laws to".

Here is the view from the Council : such people are not human

‘We are sorry residents in Cromwell Road are unhappy.
‘Our intention was to regularise existing access to the rear of their properties by granting access licences across the residents’ car park.
‘However, concerns have been expressed about the proposal so we are going to pause and take time to discuss the situation with them to allow us to find a way forward that meets the needs of all parties.
‘We will be contacting the affected residents in the near future.’

So it is a legal matter.  No morals at all. Just legalese. 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Avoiding tax is a major disease for vast corporations

Amazon charges VAT at 20% to its publishers, but only pays 3%, but it's perfectly legal.

I wonder what this world would be like if we all behaved according to laws without regard to morals.

Recession is over!

Thank goodness

Let's learn a thing or two about how to tell policemen they are wrong

Michael Gove suggests the police may have been wrong about what Mitchell said!

How the Tories are so into the importance of law and order!

Assisted suicide

Insufficient A & E doctors


Branded biscuit sales plummet

Alcohol measures could affect responsible middle class

Perhaps the middle class will just buy less wine? I note the responsible richer class is not mentioned. And nothing about the responsible working class.

Good old Tories!

And I thought science was dogmatically correct about how the universe was created

Disc galaxies like our own Milky Way were believed to have been formed billions of years ago but now scientists have discovered it only settled into its present state at around the time the sun and Earth were forming. 

Most Brits want out of EU

Since when has this mattered to governments?

Global warming questioned


  • It appears there has been no global warming since 1996
  • Tories clamp down on law and order

  •  A few days after Andrew Mitchell resigns, when the truth has yet to come out, changes include:

  • Fines for prison bosses who fail to stop criminals re-offending after release, in a new ‘paid by results’ system.
  • Life sentences for gun-runners who supply lethal weapons to gangsters.
  • An ‘element of punishment’ in community sentences, which have been dismissed as a soft option by Right-wingers. 
  • Possible axeing of the custom of giving all prisoners £46 cash when they are freed from jail.
  • Curbs on ‘cushy’ jail regimes where prisoners can spend all day watching TV.

  • I note no changes are proposed regarding rude ministers who appear to suggest the police are lying.

    I also now note that prison bosses, and not government, the criminal nor the system, are now responsible for reoffending rates.

    Might give you a smile

    Friday, 19 October 2012

    Is the recession coming to an end?

    Official figures released next week are expected to show the economy started growing again in the third quarter of the year
    Economists are expecting growth of between 0.4 per cent and 1 per cent between July and September following nine months of decline
    Figures released yesterday showed the Government had to borrow far less than predicted in the first six months of the tax year

    Andrew Mitchell resigns

    Tory caught in first class seats with second class ticket.

    Osborne couldn't possibly sit with plebs like us!

    He did the same 5 months ago!

    Is a new form of abortion coming into existence?

    A new pill which can be taken up to 5 days after sex to stop the pregnancy is coming out.

    MPs expense scandal continues

    27 are letting their London homes while claiming up to £20,000 of public money to rent elsewhere

    Getting closer to unending fuel?

    A company has been able to create petrol from air

    How dark is the BBC?

    After 15 years Radio 2 DJ is sacked from the BBC with no reason given.

    Given that the Tories want to be able to remove employee rights, I'm sure the government don't mind this happening, in the name of increasing this country's prosperity.

    Expressing views in social media about gay marriage is becoming more dangerous

    Long live free speech.

    Nick Griffin gets involved with B&B case regarding gays' rights being breached

    Thursday, 18 October 2012

    In Greece, police fire tear gas at protesters against austerity plans

    Government attempts to block details of MPs expenses

    And I thought we lived with an open and transparent government

    Gay Couple win B&B refusal case

    More of the mercurial nature of government : pledge regarding energy bill played down

    The government has played down a pledge by Prime Minister David Cameron that energy firms will be forced to give all customers the lowest tariff.

    Human trafficking is rising

    Wednesday, 17 October 2012

    How the ruling elite can be above the law

    A Levels may be changed to Baccalaureate

    Increase in number of schools poor performing

    State pensions to rise by £2.69 a week from April 2013

    Euthanasia creeping in

    GPs have been asked to select one in every 100 of their patients to go on a list of those likely to die over the next 12 months.
    The patients will be singled out for ‘end-of-life care’,  potentially saving the NHS more than £1billion a year.

    My, how the vulnerable are slowly being targetted.  This reminds me of a philosophical thought and ethical experiment. Would you vote for a person who had the power and wisdom to fulfil all the nations dreams except there was one criterion : that person could kill one person during his reign? Perhaps my thought experiment is becoming more real. 

    "We can save billions of the NHS if we help 1% of people die each year. Please vote for us."

    Voting for a party is no longer about honesty, intergity, human sacredness, protecting the vulnerable. It is about pragmatism, popularity, competing ideas, majority at expense of the vulnerable.

    Jimmy Savile

    Number in work rising, number of unemployed fall

    Tuesday, 16 October 2012

    Public enquiry possible into jimmy Savile allegations

    If the allegations are true then it tells us something about humanity in general.  In particular it makes us question why people fear informing the police of the allegations.  If it is presumed the police were never told, it tells us something about how sexual allegations should first and foremost be told to the police, perhaps?

    Keeping things hidden seems to still prevail. Newsnight has not given out sufficient detail to explain why it stopped filming the article on Savile last year.  For what ever reason, such reasons overcome the need to provide detail.

    Hillsborough inquest likely

    The language of argument "home extensions are not a crime against humanity"

    Minor burglary is not a crime against humanity, breaking the speed limit is not a crime against humanity, but it doesn't mean it is OK.
    "We want to encourage people to do extensions in three years because the construction industry is having a miserable time and we need construction activity in local areas. " Yes, because the government was a major protaganist in cutting spending in construction.

    Now the government doesn't want EU aid paid to certain countries

    "Justine Greening has called for a major shake-up in the EU aid budget – as it emerged more than half the cash is squandered on relatively rich countries.
    The International Development Secretary challenged the basis of the £10billion-a-year budget, which channels cash to countries such as Turkey, Iceland and Brazil"
    The article sites some of examples of where it is believed funding should not have gone to.  No mention is made of the criteria for such projects.
    Let's not forget how our government gave more money to the wealthy by cutting the top rate of tax.
    "Among the projects funded by the EU are a scheme promoting tourism in an Icelandic national park and a pro-EU television series in Turkey.
    Brazil has received more than £10million, including £660,000 spent on the social integration of women living in fishing communities.
    And Barbados has received £1.8million to build a hotel to train young people in hospitality management."

    How the ruling elite can have a pay increase

    Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority suggested MPs could earn four times the national average wage - so independent that it is not aware of a recession, benefits cuts and public sector redundancies.

    Inflation dropping

    Number of long term young jobless has doubled since 2008

    Friday, 12 October 2012

    For now Nick Clegg appears to be against £10bn benefit cuts

    Nick Clegg wants the wealthiest to help reduce government expenditure. He doesn't want the poorest to do so.

    As we know the Tories it is fairer that the poorer do, as they are likely not to be strivers. The wealthy have earned their money and so it is wrong to ask them for some of it.  The poorer have not earned it, so it is OK to ask for it from them.

    How does one define a culture of an organisation?

    On the one hand many people at the BBC knew about Jimmy Savile's behaviour :

    On the other hand 2 senior BBC people said no complaints were made about Jimmy :

    In cases like this , is it that it was part of the culture or it wasn't to have an open secret about Jimmy?

    Police prosecutions may follow over Hillsborough

    How economics ultimately illudes us

    IMF suggesting cutting spending too fast is not good.

    We have a long way to go to truly understand the inter-relationship between income, spend, tax, public expenditure, private expenditure, exports, imports.  In a world where the lines between public and private spend are very blurred and how one feeds off the other.

    If an organisation exists which draws in income of say 50% of the country's GDP and pays out 50% of the country's GDP, if such an organisation reduced expenditure, it would have a massive negative impact on the country.

    The fundamental nature and purpose of money, work and being paid for what you earn has eroded over the decades until it all imploded in 2008. And such nature is linked to human nature.  So long as we believe in a system whereby people earn, deserve, and are worth being paid millions for certain type of work, eg being a footballer in the Premier League or chief executive of a bank, but not others eg being a nurse or chief executive of a small NHS trust, for ostensibly work utilising one's talents, the problem will not go away.

    EU awarded nobel peace prize

    I hope this is not prescient of times ahead. To have awarded the prize for the past 60 years during a time of unrest, such unrest having been around now for about 4 years, is quite worrying.

    Previous winners have been :

    2011: Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberian activist Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman of Yemen.
    2010: Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.
    2009: US President Barack Obama
    2008: Martti Ahtisaari, UN Special Envoy at the Kosovo status process talks
    2007: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Al Gore
    2006: Bangladeshi banker Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank
    2005: International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei
    2004: Kenyan environmental activist Wangari Maathai
    2003: Iranian lawyer and human rights campaigner Shirin Ebadi
    2002: Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter

    Thursday, 11 October 2012

    Parental leave to be extended to father

    Fathers will be able to take time off work and claim state benefits throughout the majority of the first year of their baby’s life if the mother returns to employment.
    This will allow the main household earner, if the mother, to return to work after just a fortnight.

    Government plans to increase public sector working hours

    Detailed plans to cut holidays, lengthen working weeks and reduce flexible working for 450,000 public employees have been disclosed for the first time in leaked Cabinet Office documents.

    No mention of similar changes to MP's hours and employment rights. 

    Any excuse the Tories can get to diminish people's right's, they do. Marx is so true. 

    Child benefit to be cut for the better off

    Increase in eating disorder inpatients

    Admissions for eating disorders, three quarters of which are aneroxia nervosa, increased by 16% from 2011 to 2012

    British Gas to put prices up by 8%

    RPI at 2.5% is a thing of the past

    Tuesday, 9 October 2012

    Government wants to get rid of subsidies to wind farms

    Notice how none of the language is about trying to make the country more green. He is now suggesting that a measure of a country being green is its economy.  That would make China becoming the greenest in the world, as it has the highest GDP increase around.

    He says that wind farms are a blight on rural areas.  I presume the same will be said of Heathrow runway 3.

    If just one of these workers does not look hard enough for his next job, he or she is clearly not a striver

    Sheffield City Council is to make hundreds of people redundant. 

    Let all the plebs and non strivers reveal themselves!

    David Cameron's forthcoming speech

    David Cameron to speak that he gained many of his qualities from his father.  David Cameron is his own personal politician.

    David Cameron believes in values of hard work, strong values, taking responsibility, and serving others.  Let's not forget : cutting taxes for the rich, imposing my values onto society, reducing benefits for those that don't fit in with my values, shouting alot in the house of commons, being rude about other politicians.

    The argument now is that the UK is in global race : it is the argument to be used to reduce the taxes for companies and the rich, to make it easier to hire and fire people. 

    Life on earth is clearly NOT about LIVING WITH thy neighbour.  Life on earth is clearly about COMPETING WITH thy neighbour. So how does one compete : by bringing forward the meritocracy in society : ie the ruling elite, to make life easier for them so that we can compete more.

    He says there is nothing complicated about him. Similar language to what Tony Blair used. I find David a very complicated person.  From believing he was one sort of person before the election : compassionate, I find now that he is not.

    He talks about making painful decisions.  Yes they are painful; and I pray he is grateful to those who will suffer the most for his decisions.

    He wants to ridicule Labour for saying they'd borrow more.  Mmmm This government has borrowed loads. It has printed £375bn!!!  It has made 100'000s unemployed.

    What he argues is that this is all vital to keep the UK competitive. Such an argument immediately plays into the hands of the rich : that they are the wealth creators; that during recession the weak, the strong, the less motivated are required to forfeit more of their rights.  So who really is the stronger?  Who is really performing the actual ACT of assisting the UK to increase competitiveness.  It is the poor, the weak, the less motivated.

    David Cameron...will he bring about an EU Referendum

    Is Cameron a man of his word?  Mercurial is my experience of politicians.

    IMF urging UK to slow down spending cuts

    British governments have never been known to listen to other world organisations. 

    How Greek protesters were subjected to by Greek police

    You sometimes wonder whether the ruling elite wish we plebs didn't exist

    Michael Gove attacks teaching unions

    Good old Tories!

    Clearly it is morally wrong to provide benefits

    Let's go back to homelessness and work houses. Clearly the politicians of the past were morally wrong in introducing benefits.  Clearly it is unacceptable and morally wrong for benefits to increase during a double dip recession. 

    I presume all the poor people in the world agree.

    One day the rich will be chanting "give me your money, I am a wealth creator. Don't give to the poor, they become dependent on it. Terrible. I'm not at all dependent on money. "

    Victims of anti social behaviour to choose punishments of the perpetrator

    Theresa May is to allow victims of anti social behaviour to choose the punishment

    Want to invest in your employer company and give up some employment rights

    I cannot think why I'd want to invest in a company that may in future decide to fire me without any employment right recourse. Weird.

    Good centre ground politics...

    ' Workers will also be required to give up their right to time off for training purposes, give longer notice if they intend to return to their jobs after parental leave and lose their redundancy protections.'

    "Mr Osborne jokingly used the Marxist slogan, ‘Workers of the world, unite’. "

    If the Tories could make their millions without having to employ plebs, they would.

    What is wrong with workers uniting? Just another form of race supremacy as far as I'm concerned.

    Electricity and gas bills set to soar

    And there I was believing the Bank of England that inflation was to go down...

    Homeowners given power to use lethal force against burglars

    People will now have greater rights to protect themselves when being burgled.

    Monday, 8 October 2012

    Printing money continues

    Printing money will hit £375bn in total by November 2012.  And £10bn off the vulnerable pails into insignificance.  I wonder who's benefitted from the £375bn? 

    Are you a bigot?

    Lord Carey urges Cameron to back down on legalising gay marriage.

    Boys aspire to marry more than girls

    56% of boys compared to 46% of girls value marriage. Girls more likely to value independence and confidence.

    Lots of other interesting facts.

    How the centre ground is being moved to the right

    The conservatives keep thinking they are on the centre ground and are not shifting to the right.  Does the following sound like they are sticking to the centre ground?:

    " He confirmed plans to cut £10billion from the welfare budget, unveiled tax breaks for shale gas and tried to persuade workers to give up their employment rights by taking shares in their company."

    This is very much moving more to the right : the belief that ownership is what drives countries, not collective community.  So Osborne believes the more we allow people to own and make it easier to own, and at the same time loosen the rights or entitlements to community, a country will prosper.

    Read this language : "Mr Osborne said he would not balance the deficit 'on the backs of the poor' but nor would he target the rich with unfair tax hikes"

    So we note how reducing welfare benefits is fair, but taxing the wealthy any further is seen as 'targeting' the rich with 'unfair tax hikes'.  

    The conservatives clearly believe that in targetting the weak and vulnerable the majority or wealthy, middle class and working class with keep them in power in 2015.  This is a major weakness in democracy : the minority are overcome by the majority, whoever the minority may be.

    "'We modern Conservatives represent all those who aspire, all who work, save and hope, all who feel a responsibility to put in, not just take out." No he doesn't. His language is such that he represents a party that targets those that do not fit in with his values. 

    If he followed up what he meant, he would be putting in things to help those who are aspiring, who work, save, hope, and want to take responsibility.

    Modern Conservatism is targetting those people who we believe do not "aspire, all who work, save and hope, all who feel a responsibility to put in, not just take out.", and let's not forget; he believes this while there is a recession going on, while loads of people have lost their jobs because of the recession, while banks have lost us loads of money. 

    Modern conservatism is like the big bully at school : "We are these sort of people: we don't like you; we target you; we'll protect ourselves as we have the power to."

    None of his language is about supporting those who are ill, who are in trouble, who are poor, who need help, who are going through breakdowns.  He is talking about a world where people 'have it'.  If you don't 'have it' you are not one of us.  We reject you.  And you will pay for the mistakes of those that supposedly 'had it'. 

    We are in a country where the vulnerable are seen as a scourge on society. It is horrible to live in a country where you do not feel you belong. That you are seen as scum.  As least if when we die we can say "at least my vulnerability allowed me to help the better off in England stay better off".  That is exactly what Christ did on the Cross. He died so we might live. 

    Saturday, 6 October 2012

    Let's bring out a better coalition!

    Like washing powder!

    IMF reducing UK growth forecast

    I bet we're looking forward to increased power costs!

    'Doing the right thing' is attracting more votes

    Is the US pro or anti abortion?

    This article talks about how the number of abortions would be reduced if contraception was free.

    But if abortion is legal and a woman's right, then why does it matter?

    If the aim is to reduce abortions, then ban abortions.

    Did God chose Einstein, a Jew, to discover his theories?

    At least such childish stories are available to all and not for £1.85m!

    Doctors take much of NHS budget increase

    I wonder if nurses will also get 8% increases? Methinks not.

    Syria continues civil war

    Not sure what having human rights really means whilst innocent Syrians die.

    I think having human rights either means (1) systems are already in place to protect human rights in the areas of human rights that those systems are in place for, or (2) people who have the means to assert their human rights have their human rights asserted in the areas they assert.

    IE human rights are not universally available 24 hours a day each and every day for every singe human being on earth.

    Cameron's commitment to the NHS

    In this article Cameron says that the success of the NHS cannot be measured in budget figures and percentage points, after informing us of the budget figures and percentages points!

    He recognises that that the NHS needs improvements in care, dignity and kindness. How on earth he can be the bastion for that the way he speaks during Prime Ministers questions, I do not know!

    Perhaps Cameron is a closet kind man! I'd prefer if he closeted the behaviour he shows at PM questions.

    "The nurses who rub patients’ backs, the GP who knows your name, the knowledge that if your mum or dad is on a ward they’ll have someone there to pour them water, keep them fed, make them comfortable and talk to them. " Hasn't humanity come far!

    " First, we’re introducing one of the most simple tests that any caring organisation can have. We’re asking staff and patients if they would be happy to recommend the hospital they’re in to their friends and family.
    It’s called the Friends and Family test, and the results show in a very human way how a hospital is performing: not just how their budget’s looking; but how people feel about being there. "

    Sounds like another percentage system to me!

    I wonder if such improvement is given also to those who, according to Cameron, are not hard working nor doing the right thing.

    How the impartial live

    It is alleged that Anne Robinson paid little tax

    Liz Kershaw was groped in the BBC

    Not quite sure how reducing taxes for the wealthiest is staying in the centre ground.

    Neither I am sure that 'clamping down' on unions makes the Tories remain on centre ground!

    Electricity supply predicted to reduce and increase in price significantly

    Over the coming years certain power plants are required to be closed, so the UKs ability to provide power to the UK is to be undermined; so powercuts are predicted and costs will increase significantly. So much for inflation predicted to reduce!

    Government considering and not considering reducing abortion limit to 12 weeks

    In another article Cameron says there are no such plans, even though his 'personal' view is that he'd prefer to reduce the abortion limit.

    So perhaps there are times when a politicians personal views are totally separate from politics. Like taboo subjects for example.

    Theresa May says it should be reduced

    Friday, 5 October 2012

    Britain to pay more for EU overspend.

    Britain faces £1BILLION bill as Eurocrats run out of money: That's our 'share' of the overspend

    Children at risk from supportive parents watching them play football.

    " Parents wanting to watch their children play sport at a specialist sports college have been banned from attending home matches
    Teachers at the 1,280-pupil Lea Valley High School in Enfield, north London, wrote to parents at the start of term, telling them the decision had been made because of ‘child protection rules’. "

    What I find fascinating is the arguments that are used : 

    “We appreciate that parents/carers may wish to come along and watch and support their children.
    'However, as a school staff, we have a duty of care to our students and have to ensure that appropriate safeguarding and children protection policies are adopted, implemented and monitored.
    'As such, for our students’ safekeeping, we must state that we cannot permit parents/carers or other adults on site at these times, and hope that you will understand and support us in this decision."

    It is just like saying "because we care deeply for your children's welfare, you can understand why we cannot allow you to see them during sports events. I know you will also agree with us."

    I find human reason so weak, but it is power that allows this to occur. Institutions have the power to write to parents behind language such as 'duty of care' to our students (rather than your children) and 'appropriate safeguarding and children protection policies are adopted, implemented and monitored.' and they can then 'implement' such 'policies'.

    I can just imagine parents not having a duty of care to their children and not safeguarding their children.  How on earth the love of a parent over their children can offer less protection than a paid person, I do not understand.  Unfortunately this level of thinking is now becoming more and more normalised in our society. 

    The battle of ideas is real; it is those in authority whose ideas tend to win.

    Euthanasia is closer to becoming legal

    As individualism takes a greater hold of our society, it is just a matter of time before euthanasia services become legal.  We are already on the cusp where assisted suicide is allowable under very extensuating circumstances.  Give it more time, perhaps 50 to 100 years or so, and it will be a service.  If you think your life is insufferable, you will be able to ask to be killed.