Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway : appears government will still keep it

It would appear that the Liverpool Care Pathway will remain so long as suffering is kept to a minimum. So it would appear that doctors may still end up being incentivised to end care for those they believe will die, so long as they let them die kindly. The aims and objectives of the NHS have effectively changed. So long as euthanasia is done pseudo-compassionately it will be OK.

"Mr Lamb, who has commissioned a review of the pathway, said payments should be made only if it can be demonstrated that individual patients have experienced reduced suffering as a direct result of being placed on the LCP."

So our doctors and nurses will be like will ticklers! And such patients will be dead! So how will such patients say they have reduced suffering?  How can they compare being dead to being alive?

It would appear that the LCP is here to stay, just that the NHS will get more sophisticated at being pseudo-compassionate. 


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